Jamie Dickson, Knitting Supervisor

‘My Johnstons of Elgin career has helped me grow in confidence and technical ability.’

Career Progression at Johnstons of Elgin

I joined Johnstons of Elgin as Knitting Operator before moving up to Knitting Coordinator, and then I was promoted to Knitting Supervisor.

Qualifications/Memorable courses attended:

I completed a valuable Leadership Development Programme and a People Management course when I started the supervisory role.

Key influences or milestones:

I have built fantastic working relationships with a couple of the longer-serving managers. They've really helped with my development, not just with technical ability but with building my confidence. I feel like I have matured over the last couple of years because of those people.

The best career advice I have received or would give:

Take opportunities and go into things with an open mind. There are so many opportunities to progress at the mill, and I've been given many chances to try new things.